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This Girl Knows It—originally founded in January 2017—was re-branded in November 2018 with one goal in mind: to travel as much as possible, share everything I learn, and do it all on a college budget. (Because we all know how small our wallets are.) On this blog you will find not only those travel tips, guides, and stories, but also my tricks for blogging and social media management and how you, too, can find your path in blogging.

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An Instagrammer’s Guide to Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is more than just a's an immersive experience that educates you about the care and protection of animals and our planet! Animal Kingdom also takes us into different continents so we truly experience what their homes are like. In fact, Animal Kingdom's theming has so many ... READ the POST

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios puts you in the middle of the movie action, taking you inside your favorite films and stories with larger than life sets. But just like the movies, photo shoots use sets all the time, which makes Hollywood Studios the perfect place for photos. This is made even more true by ... READ the POST

5 Essential Investments to Make in Your Blog ASAP

When it comes to blogging, most bloggers will tell you that they jumped right in and went with it, learning as they went. My experience was quite the opposite. Instead of just diving right in, I spent months scouring the internet, soaking up as much knowledge as I could, doing my best to figure out ... READ the POST